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We avoid wasting time and money. We understand that each student has unique driver training needs. Our Learner Driver Instructors establish with each student, clear specific needs and define objectives for each driving lesson around Rockingham. This ensures that you gain the most from your training and acquire the correct skills to feel confident on the road.

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Money back guarantee
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Automatic and manual driving lessons from Rockingham to Mandurah

Rockingham driving school instructors in the Rockingham and Mandurah area offer an exceptional range of courses and packages at affordable prices.

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Driving Tests Rockingham is your one stop shop for all your learner driver needs. See our driving lesson prices page by following the link below or even book your driving test at the Rockingham Licensing Centre. Once booked, be sure to call us so we can have a dual controlled car ready for you so you can pass your driving test first time. As your driving test draws nearer your driving instructor will teach you the driving test routes. Don’t let yourself be caught out by something minor by not practising the routes.

Driving Instructors

Each of Rockingham Driving School's driving instructors is patient, caring and dedicated to getting you the best result. Rockingham Driving School instructors all have police clearances as well as working with children checks.